Hyperledger Composer deprecated. Now it’s time for AstraKode!

  • “channels”: thanks to which it is possible to hide a transaction (or rather the smart contract that defines such an agreement) by isolating it within a container, making it visible and accessible only to specific audiences;
  • “private data”: if you want to keep the information private while sharing hashes as proof of the transaction on the ledger. [2]
  • Modeling language called “CTO” oriented to model definition and business logic.
  • Command-line tools to import Composer processes and transform them into Fabric network and logic.
  • Playground functionality for rapid prototyping and approach to Fabric tools and technology [3].
  • Network Composer, through which it will be possible to design, customize and deploy a blockchain network (initially Hyperledger Fabric, then include other widely used implementations such as Corda and Quorum).
  • IDE Smart Contracts (SC IDE), within which it will be possible to develop smart contracts ready to be distributed on the network (through a dedicated function within the Network Composer), thus establishing its logic.
  • the absence of a graphical interface to design and develop both the network and its logic (smart contract);
  • an inflexible level of network configuration;
  • the absence of low-code tools to facilitate and make the development activity more intuitive.



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AstraKode was founded with the aim to facilitate innovative enterprise solutions development through low-code.