Enhancing User Experience: AstraKode’s Latest Platform Update Releases and Features

3 min readFeb 23, 2024


At AstraKode, we’re continually refining our platforms to provide users with an intuitive experience and advanced features. We’re excited to announce our latest series of updates, designed to streamline your workflow and enrich your interaction with our services.

Seamless Integration and Sign-In Options:

Our Portal now boasts a sleek new look and feel, enhancing the login experience. We’ve integrated Google IDP, making access easier than ever. Plus, LinkedIn login integration means professional networking and platform use are now more interconnected, providing you with a seamless transition from discussion to development.

Innovative Generators and IDE Enhancements:

Our Shared platform introduces a new generator integration, pushing the boundaries of customization and efficiency.

The Smart Contract (SC) IDE is now more robust, with added functionalities for default values, aiding in quicker setup and deployment. Additionally, we’ve implemented a generic function for component creation, boosting your ability to tailor your projects to your exact specifications.

For developers who love to see their code come to life, the SC IDE now features a code preview renderer with editing capabilities, providing a dynamic and responsive coding environment that adapts as you type.

Discover AstraKode’s Pre-Built Solutions

AstraKode’s dedication to innovation shines with our latest update: the introduction of the Pre-Built Solution section. Featuring industry-focused templates — Microcredit, Agri-Food, and Circular supply chain — this new resource is set to transform your project workflow.

Designed to offer comprehensive insights and functionalities on pre-built projects, this addition ensures you have all the necessary tools and information at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to understand our pre-built solutions better or seeking guidance on implementing them in your projects, our pre-built solution has you covered.

Agri-Food Supply Chain Pre-Built Solution: Elevate food supply chain management with unmatched traceability and transparency. Linking suppliers, producers, distributors, transporters, and consumers, this pre-built solution ensures premium quality and safety standards.

Microcredit Pre-Built Solution: Revolutionize the microcredit process from application to issuance. With mobile app integration, credit agents can efficiently manage applications, streamlining operations with comprehensive data collection.

Doc Notarization Pre-Built Solution: Streamline your document notarization process with our robust solution that integrates digital signatures for increased security. Guarantee the authenticity and legal standing of your documents while adhering to regulatory compliance, optimizing time, and reducing overhead.

Fee Manager Pre-Built Solution: Introduce precision and clarity into your fee management with our comprehensive pre-built solution. Designed to automate fee calculations and collections, this solution enhances financial transparency and accuracy, simplifying reporting and operational efficiency.

Discover how these Pre-Built Solutions can address your unique business challenges by visiting our platform. Your insights and feedback are invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance our smart contract development tools. Explore now and join us in shaping the future of smart contracts and private networks. Sign up today!




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