Blockchain and Circular economy

Blockchain and Circular Economy: XERA’s Case Study

3 min readApr 11, 2024


In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead means embracing innovation and sustainability. XERA, an Italian leader in the circular economy, has been making waves by turning old tech into valuable, sustainable assets within the sustainability business sector. Partnering with AstraKode, XERA is stepping up its game by using blockchain technology to add transparency to its sustainability processes in the circular economy. This strategic move isn’t just good for the planet — it’s also smart business, leveraging blockchain technology for better transparency and trust.

XERA’s Mission: Giving Electronics a Second Life

XERA has a straightforward goal within the circular economy: to make the most of electronic devices and reduce waste. They’re not just focusing on recycling but are revitalizing devices that would otherwise be discarded, making a significant impact in the sustainability business realm. In 2022, they successfully reintroduced 86% of collected devices back into the market. This achievement is a testament to their commitment to the circular economy and smart, sustainable business practices.

The Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Market

In a marketplace where every company claims to be “green,” XERA needed a way to demonstrate they’re the real deal in the circular economy and sustainability business. It’s one thing to claim you’re sustainable; it’s another to prove it, especially in the blockchain domain. With AstraKode’s innovative blockchain technology, every step of XERA’s refurbishing process is recorded, offering unparalleled transparency and building trust in their sustainability business model.

The Solution: Blockchain Meets Sustainability

Blockchain technology is typically associated with finance, but it’s a game-changer for sustainability in the circular economy as well. AstraKode’s blockchain system allows XERA to meticulously track every part of the refurbishing process. This blockchain integration not only ensures transparency but also bolsters XERA’s credibility in the sustainability business, providing verifiable proof that they are a leader in the circular economy.

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Looking Ahead: Building a Trustworthy Future

With this partnership, XERA is setting new standards in the circular economy and sustainability business, not just fixing up old tech but also building trust and leading by example. The blockchain project is just the beginning. XERA is exploring ways to engage customers more deeply and demonstrate the positive impact of their work in the circular economy and sustainability business.

For businesses aiming to stay relevant and responsible, XERA and AstraKode are exemplifying how blockchain technology can be instrumental in advancing the circular economy and sustainability business. They’re not just talking about the future; they’re actively building it.

“I’m optimistic about our collaboration with AstraKode to enhance our refurbishment process through blockchain technology. It promises greater transparency and efficiency. This partnership could revolutionize customer trust and sustainability efforts, setting a new industry benchmark. I’m eager to see the impact of this collaboration.”
Donato Colleluori

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