AstraKode Blockchain, the new intuitive and customisable blockchain platform

  • wide technology stack;
  • scarcity of documentation resources;
  • difficulties in network design and configuration;
  • conceptually complex technology.

AstraKode Blockchain, or simply “AKB”.

  • Network Composer: a visual development environment for blockchain network design and customization
  • Smart Contract IDE: a visual development environment completely dedicated to smart contracts (not available in 1.0.0 version )
  • Cloud deployment: a dedicated environment for integration with main cloud service providers to ease the implementation of blockchain projects created with AKB.
  • Integrated community: here users can actively participate in discussions about projects, ask for support, and get access to valuable learning content about both the platform and the technology itself. This includes tutorials, technical articles, and much more. In this way, we enable also less experienced users to create their own blockchain network.

Buckle up, it’s time for the virtual tour!


  • Publish posts. Users will need to select the relevant target topic, e.g. “Support”. It is also possible to quote other users, attach documents, videos, or images, such as a screenshot of the issue encountered.
  • Join the discussions with comments or interactions with other users’ posts.
  • Follow one or more (sub)topics of interest. Currently, we have four topics: Wiki, Product, Support, and Off-Topic. Each of them is made up of other subtopics, such as “Composer” within the “Wiki” topic.
  • Access informative material, either about the platform or blockchain technology in general. A good example is articles published monthly on our blog, that can be accessed directly from the community via the Wiki topic and subtopics.


Network Composer




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AstraKode was founded with the aim to facilitate innovative enterprise solutions development through low-code.